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Shining Stars

Like a little diamond, the Key to my heart




May 29th, 2011

  • Feel free to use them as you like.
  • Credits are not necessary ^^
  • Comments are greatly appriciated
  • Enjoy.

its been a while since i created icons. but im here with Part 1 of "Boyfriend" icons. these are from their "Boyfriend" music video. (P.S. Apologize for the Minwoo overload. :P)


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November 9th, 2010


 hello hello!

i've created this SHINee icons like 5 months ago and just got to post it. :S sorry for that. im still learning and i think im getting the hang of it. :D oh well, enjoy~

some old SHINee photos. :D

  • if you like it, you might take them. use them as you like, i dont care about credit.
  • comments would be nice. ^^
  • DO NOT HOTLINK. please. :D

and thanks to my Tumblr friends for the photos! :D

September 25th, 2010



hello everyone! i made the following icon about a few months ago. its my third time, so im still learning how to do so. but, i think im getting the hang of it. hehe. so here are some. hope you like them.
  • if you want them, you may take them and use it the way you like it, i dont care about credit.
  • a comment would be nice. ^^
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August 29th, 2010

Chocolate Love.


hello hello~
im youtubeing again. to see some talents. LOL. hahaha. that sounds wrong. anyway yeah. i like doing this. :D its SO FUN. ;p

and kaotsun newest video is herself dancing to Miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl. im not much of a Miss A fan. but kaotsun makes this song looks good. LOL. ;p hahaha. jk. no offence Say As. :D check it out:

and i recently stumbled across this group. i think they're really cool. :D hehe. they performed f(x)'s NU ABO live and yeah. they did awesome! :D they're called the Epsilon. check it out~

i think the girl who played Victoria is the best. but i think all of them are awesome too! :D

next... hmm.. also from the same group. but this time its sort of like a live performance with both singing and dancing. :D the did SHINee's Replay and Ring Ding Dong:

oh yes, those are only the rehearsal. i cant seem to find the real thing. but then, its so cool. i hope my coountry is able to make a competition like that. it'd be so cool~ ;p but still. as you can see, doing both singing and dancing together is really hard. unless you are very well trained. i dont blame them to be a bit off. :D hehe. its fine~ :D its still cool. :D

next is the LUCIFER dance covers! yes, i mean covers with an "s" LOL. hahaha.
first off. this group called "The Blaq Star" they performed live. sure alot of mistakes (because they said they only get to practice in a day.) but then again, the energy is superb! :D check it out:

and this guy, you heard me. i said "guy" without an "s". because what you're about to see is actually just one guy. lol. his editing is good. :p so are his dance moves. im learning LUCIFER from him. ;p

now, Secret's Madonna dance cover. the girl is really good. considering Madonna is a new song and she's able to catch up with it is awesome! and she's wearing heels too. O.o i can never dance with my heels on. O.o check it out:


also, check out this song cover of G.NA's I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better by this boy callaed R.K. yes, he's a guy and he sings this song really well. :D


well, i guess thats all for today. :D hehehe. i had fin searching and finding these. :D

August 28th, 2010

No 1.


happy birthday Jo Kwon!

yes, the diva. and Gain's husband. stay pabo. ;p

Not Young


Happy 2nd year anniversary U-KISS!

its been two years already. GDI, i dont care if Kiseop got in late, he is still a part of U-KISS now. im really proud of being a KISS ME. the things U-KISS are thankful for having us KISS MEs around, thank you so much. i love you boys. all 7 boys. :D

August 25th, 2010

i died when i found out about this. LOL. ;p
well, Onew is not really my ultimate SHINee bias. but he is still considered as my TOP bias since he is a SHINee member. :D really. :D

Onew finally sang "The Name I Loved" live! YAY! and with Wookie too! my second husband. i LOL'd at how Onew is taller than Wook. ;p lol jk bb. hehehe. but yes, im so happy. :D hehehe. :D

August 24th, 2010

Happy birthday Yesung oppa!


yes, you know it. today is Ryeowook's husband, Yesung's birthday!

happy birthday Kim Jung Woon oppa! <3 :D

wish you all the best. hehehe. they should've celebrated your birthday at SM TOWN Concert too. anyways, stay healthy and stay awesome. :D

August 22nd, 2010

SM TOWN baby!


SM TOWN concert started yesterday! wohoo! but no, i didnt come. :( sadly. anyway, i love the photos etc so much. ;p hehehe.

WAH. what a big family. :3 hehehe. <3 BoA looks so tiny in the middle. ;p
Onew is on the very front row while the other SHINee members are at the back. :D
and notice how the other male celebs are wearing tux and only SHINee are wearing t-shirts. lmao. so cute. :D

YEAH YEAH. anyway, SM Town ftw! SM DAEBAK! :D

August 17th, 2010

Push Push babayyy!


i was strolling at YouTube trying to find a decent cover of SISTAR's Push Push. and i found the practice video instead.

at first, i thought they were just random people/fans covering the dance, but turns out, it was the girls themselves.

wow, they are tall! i seriously didnt know that they are tall. because on stage, they look small and short and tiny. lol. hahaha. anyway, enjoy the clip. :D

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